Campamentos de Verano en Inglés 2024

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    The menus are balanced and healthy, including vegetables and fruits in all of the meals. Monitors sit with the students whilst they are eating and actively involve English conversation. The younger children are always supervised closely, ensuring they eat a varied diet. For children with food allergies and intolerances, a special menu is prepared.

    When can I talk to my son?

    Students can bring their own phone, but this will be looked after for safe keeping by the monitors on the first day to avoid losing the phone or misuse of their mobile. There will be a schedule of calls to Parents who communicate by email in advance of the camp. Also there will be a telephone number available for parents so they can call their children, between the hours of calls to be established.

    What if your childs English level is low?

    Not a problem. Students are grouped by age and levels of English for classes and for the activities and development of the day, the monitors have experience and methods for integrating all pupils, making unconsciously the children participate in the activities coming accustomed to hearing only English. It is proven that children adapt more efficiently and quicker to new environments than adults.

    Will my children really learn English?

    Fourteen days cannot be enough time to become bilingual, but they will gain confidence and ease into becoming familiar with listening skills and pronunciation, learning to function in English. Furthermore, it encourages children to speak and intervene through games, making them gain confidence in public speaking. They are never forced to do an activity if they do not want to do. That is our goal, that English is perceived as very positive that facilitates the importance of communication. They also expand vocabulary and expressions, teaching classes in what will later be practical activities. It is the best way to retain new knowledge.

    If a child falls ill, When do we contact the parents?

    If a child is sick, Depending on the symptoms detected , they are taken to the medical centre and parents are called, explaining what’s wrong and how the child is, then parents assess the situation and decides what to do.

    My child is shy and going alone, will they feel isolated?

    From the beginning all children will feel a warm welcome by the monitors and they will be located in rooms with other children related by age. From the beginning they will make new friends, and organised dynamics that encourage the children to know each other. Most of the children at the camp go alone and end up making many friends and keep in touch with the friends they have made after the camp. We have years of experience bringing out confidence in children.

    How is the control of medication for children?

    Those responsible for the camp specifically address coordinators who are responsible for safe keeping and giving of the medication. We have a written record of what medicine each child needs and the schedule to take it. It is Important that all medicine has a child’s name and instructions for collection. This is so vital and important to us and obviously your children. The Crocland director takes full control of this important aspect of your childs health and medicine.

    How are children with allergies controlled?

    The camp director , coordinator and monitors have a list of children with allergies or special needs and it is known from the beginning of the camp and what  precautions students need to take and these children are known to all monitors and what instructions need to be carried out. A lot of medicine is distributed at lunch, and children with food allergies will have special meals prepared for them by the kitchen. Once again the importance of this is controlled by the Crocland director.

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