Campamentos de Verano en Inglés 2024

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    What is the school English Immersion?

    It is perfect for 3-7 days in a natural environment, organized during the school year, bridges or weekends, where students practice English 24 hours a day participating in recreational activities taught by bilingual instructors and natives.

    Crocland experience; “The English Village” is a 100% immersion in English, which prepares students for trips abroad in the future.

    Objectives of the Immersion

    • Learning to cope understanding 100% in English 24 hours a day.
    • Expand vocabulary in different areas in a natural way.
    • Acquiring autonomy and security with the language.
    • To receive English as something positive and very playful.
    • Reinforce what they learnt at school.

    They are ideal for

    All school pupils from nursery, primary and ESO.

    How we do it

    • With a variety social sports activities, workshops and games program.
    • Working primarily the “speaking” and “listening” areas.
    • All 100% in English.
    • The camps are surrounded by nature in safe environments, which helps students to relax.
    • With native and bilingual monitors who ensure only English is spoken.
    • With programs tailored to teaching ideology of your school.
    • With accompanying teachers who can supervise.
    • Music and English lyrics.

    Activities available in the Immersion

    Optional daily classes, always oriented around vocabulary and expressions.
    With art workshops, dance, theatre, games of mental agility, photography, film and video, kitchen, competitions, a variety of adapted sports and competitions.
    Optional activities depending on the installation: Abseiling, climbing, rope and tree adventures, canoeing, paddle surfing, horse riding and hiking.

    Crocland Facilities

    We have facilities located in the countryside in: Sierra de Gredos (Avila), Ciudad Real, Toledo and San Rafael (Segovia). See section installations.

    Keeping in touch with your children

    On every immersion, we open a blog where parents daily look at the activities that the students are doing, explaining the daily news. The blog is a very positive news media for the tranquility of the parents.

    On the cover of this website you can visit the blogs of different immersions and camps.

    Rates and quotes

    We conducted a budget tailored to the school based on group size, length of stay and the chosen installation.


    Since Crocland provide support for the dissemination of the project among school teachers and parents, attending meetings and presentations as well as providing information material such as brochures and posters.