Campamentos de Verano en Inglés 2024

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    Crocland specialises in activities conected with the learning of English in a natural way, focused in different ages.

    In addition, Crocland monitors are bilingual and natives and differs in the quality of its workers and their activities with qualified instructors and coordinators, trained in the field of education, pedagogy, language, socio-cultural, sport and physical activity.

    What we do

    • We offer English Immersion courses for 3-4 days outside the school, in Spain
    • Summer English camps in Spain and abroad, for groups and individual students
    • Courses abroad for young students and for families, in residential stay and with host families.
    • Work and learn Spanish in Spain, for students

    Who are our clients?

    • Schools, companies and other groups who want to improve English, by doing leisure activities in Spain or abroad
    • Individual Students who want to learn English in Spain or abroad.
    • Falmilies and groups that wish to have an unforgotable experience, by learning English, in Spain or abroad.
    • Foreigners who want to learn Spanish

    English is Fun!