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    Crocland residential immersions are ideally aimed to 8-17 year olds . All the English classes and recreational activities are on-site in which they are housed and the dining rooms and restaurant are. Within spacious grounds and with 24 hour care and security.

    Combined with all the activities available in all schools and for all ages. Crocland has a highly qualified and prepared professional team to teach students of Spanish origin, encouraging socialisation and integration, independence and above all an unforgettable eduacational fun experience for everyone. Croclands service and fees includes all details and care from door to door , whilst your child is abroad and the return.

    Conducting a summer immersion is an unforgettable and unique experience that will become part of the student’s life and mark their personality and character for the future all whilst keeping their academic record recognised by the Spanish school system.

    It is a big step and decision to take this program , children and teenagers really find themselves, and learn skills for life. The United Kingdom educational system is one of the best in the world , there is little doubt that students return with a higher level of English with the determination to be or remain bilingual.

    Crocland has a collaboration agreement to promote the “English in Hastings” program, led by an organisation with almost 40 years of experience, highlighting the quality of content, facilities and equipment of teachers and monitors, making the students feel at home, making an unforgettable memory, whilst learning English and enjoying a safe and international environment.

    With almost 40 years of experience, the English in Hastings program has a highly qualified and trained staff to teach international students, promoting the socialization and integration of all students. For more information, contact 630 011 288, or email us at

    Location of the Facility

    The facility is located in the centre of Hastings -East Sussex-, a coastal town in the south east of England with about 70,000 inhabitants. The town is 90 minutes from London.

    Vista aérea de las instalaciones

    View of the facilities

    The facility occupies 110,000 square metres, with six main buildings: The Church, The Gothic, Kent, Dickens, Byron and Coventry (four of them recognized as historical-artistic monuments by The English Heritage).

    The school is equipped with a library, computer rooms, two football fields, a basketball court, volleyball, playing room, two tennis courts, swimming pool, cafeteria, cinema, living and games rooms, comfortable bedrooms and large garden areas.

    The option to stay in the residence is the most suitable for parents who seek for their children the maximum balance between learning English, fun and free time, as well as greater control and safety of their children.

    Each time a residential student leaves school, he or she will be accompanied by a monitor.

    The option to sleep with a host family is offered to children from 13 years old.


    The school has rooms for two, four or more students, separate buildings for boys and girls. They also have a laundry service, washing their clothes and laundry once a week.


    Students must bring their own towel, but do not need to bring bedding. The school is not responsible for the assets of the students, so it provides a bank and safe service to deposit money and valuables.

    The students are full board, with breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the price. Children with allergies and special needs are catered for.


    Academic Program

    1- Standard Program – 15 hours
    15 hours a week of English + Wide program of sports and activities + Accommodation in Residence or Host Families + Full board + 1 full day excursion and half a day per week + Airport transfers.

    2- Intensive program – 25 hours
    25 hours English + Broad program of sports and activities + Accommodation in Residence or Host Families + Full board + 1 full day excursion and half a day per week + Airport transfers.

    3- Standard Program + Day Activity Camp (from July the 6th)
    12 hours English + 3 days of Day Activity Camp (up to 14 years of age) from 12:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. With 90% English students + Accommodation in Residence or Host Families + Full board + 1 full day excursion and half a day per week + Airport transfers.

    4- Young Adult Program (from 17 to 22 years old)
    20 hours of English + Accommodation in University Residence in double rooms and private bathroom or Host Families half board + 3 social activities during the week + 1 full day excursion per week + Transfer to the airport.

    Teachers and Instructors

    Teachers are highly experienced English natives and are responsible for achieving the highest academic performance of each student aswell as being there for students as role models, to assist with activities and ensuring the safety of children at all times, engaging conversation with all students as much as possible including breakfast , lunch and dinner, and of course ensuring the students have fun. All excursions are with monitors and the students are closely and safely monitored.

    Evaluation test.
    When they arrive at the camp, they will be presented with a test carried out by Monitors to assess the students level of English, so they can be divided into groups, depending on their level of English. There is no reason for students to be nervous, it is a short assessment that gives the teachers the opportunity to divide the children into suitable groups. Classes are no larger than 15 students for one teacher.

    Conversation classes.
    They are optional (included in the course fee) and begin on the second week of the camp, with students or parents being able to choose an hour from Monday to Thursday.

    The school will provide each student a textbook (to be returned at the end of the course), a notebook and a pen.


    The program includes a full day excursion to London, Canterbury and Brighton. Optionally on Sundays other full day excursions can be organised but at an additional cost of approx ‎£29. These additional excursions are Cambridge, Oxford and Windsor.

    Teachers also organise half-day trips, one per week, to extremely attractive towns close to Hastings, such as the historical and quaint town of Rye, the seaside fun town of Eastbourne and Ashford, with a minimum additional cost of approx ‎£5.



    In programs 1, 2 and 3 (Standard, Intensive and Standard + Day Activity Camp) the price includes:

    Round trip transportation by air. If at the time of formalising the registration the cost of the air fare is higher than 400 euros, this excess will be increased to the amount of the course fee.
    A Monitor of the organization accompanying the students from any departure airport for groups of more than 10 students.

    Full board in a residential hall. Possibility of accommodation with host families for people over 13 years of age.

    Academic program contracted 1, 2 or 3.

    • Four weekly classes, an extra voluntary 60 minutes of classes, from the second week.
    • Four hours of voluntary one to one tutoring of 60 minutes, from the second week.
    • Trinity College London exam, only for standard program students of 4, 5 or 6 weeks.
    • Diploma of attendance.
    • Three full day trips to London, Brighton and Canterbury. (One excursion per week)
    • Organisation of competitions such as soccer, tennis, ping-pong, basketball, voleyball etc…
    • Drama, aerobics, jogging, yoga, gardening, cooking, badmington, archery, baseball, cycling, tennis and swimming.
    • Participation of gymkanas, barbecue, evening activities,music and disco.
    • Welcome party and farewell celebrations.
    • Daily projection of a film in the school cinema.
    • Laundry service.
    • Health insurance.
    • School backpack.
    • Textbooks are loaned during the course.
    • Presence of monitors throughout the course.

    For program 4 (Young Adult)

    Round trip transportation by air. If at the time of formalising the registration the cost of the air fare is higher than 400 euros, this excess will be increased to the amount of the course fee.

    • 20 hours of English lessons per week.
    • Diploma of attendance.
    • 3 activities per week.
    • 1 full day excursion per week.
    • Airport Transfers.

    Price does not include:

    • Excess air fare if it exceeds 400 euros.
    • Transfer of residence to airport when students travel on their own and do not match the transportation contracted for the group trip.
    • Optional full day excursions to Oxford, Cambridge and Windsor.
    • The cost of the train on half-day excursions to Rye, Battle, Eastbourne, Ashford.
    • Golf and horse riding.
    • The deposit of 20 pounds will be collected to students on the day of arrival and will be returned, if there are no damages, on the last day.

    Next Starting Dates


    General conditions and payment methods

    Registration fee

    The registration fee must be paid at the time of enrollment. In case the application for registration is not accepted, the fee will be refunded.


    Payments must be made by bank transfer or in cash.

    Possible modifications.
    The organisation reserves the right to modify, alter or cancel, partially or totally any course if circumstances so advise.

    The organisation acts solely as Airline Agent and does not consider itself responsible for any delay, accident or alteration of the route that occurs.

    Absences from the program
    If once a participant decides to leave, once the program has been incorporated, the organization will not make any refunds, nor will it cover the expenses of return.

    The participant agrees to comply with the rules of the Centre, as well as the rules of the country in which it is located. If for noncompliance and the organization was forced to expel a participant, Crocland would not be responsible for the return of the student and no part of the program would be reimbursed.

    The organisation is granted permission to use in the future all those photographic materials in which the student appears, for promotion or publicity of its programs.

    The participant agrees to pay all medical and hospitalisation expenses that occur and are not covered by the Medical Insurance.

    The prices of the program are calculated on the basis of the prices of October 2016. Any variation of more than 3% will increase in price.

    If at the time of formalising the registration for England, the cost of the air fare is higher than 400 euros, this excess will be increased to the amount of the course fee.

    Cancellation penalties
    Cancellations must be made in writing.

    Cancellation fee.
    Between 30 days and 15 days before departure 50% of the total course
    Between 15 days and departure 100%

    For the courses that are organised in England it is necessary the D.N.I. Accompanied by a parental authorisation, processed in a police station, when the student is under 18 years of age. For organisation reasons it is advisable to have a Passport.

    The organisation is expressly authorised to make decisions that it deems appropriate in case of emergency, illness or accident.

    To register or to obtain more information, contact us at or telephone: +34 630 011 288. We will send you the registration and we will be happy to clarify all your doubts.