English is fun!

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English is fun!

What is Crocland?

We are a company specilialized in organizing leisure, cultural and training activities, for teaching english, by practicing in a payful and natural way, with programs adapted to different ages and levels such as aventure sports, team games, workshops...for Crocland education through leisure activities is a unique and effective way of learning languages.

What do we offer?

  • 3-5 days of English immersions for colleges in Spain during the Academic Year.
  • English Summer Camps in Spain or abroad.
  • Activities like sports, theatre, arts, crafts, and cooking workshops in English.
  • Overseas stays for groups, families or students, living in international camps or with a host family.
  • Short trips during the weekend for families, friends or companies, to learn English by participating in activities.
  • Earn while you learn spanish with us in Spain.

Practica inglés de una forma lúdica y divertida

"The Ehglish Village",
la aldea inglesa para escolares

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